Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, DSTO

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ODTS About Welcome !
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Welcome to Dominicana!   Welcome to the Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, ODTS!

The most joyful and beautiful Caribbean island, with warm sunshine that lights the white sands and crystal waters of our beaches; with quiet and beautiful landscapes and the unmatched hospitality of people of rich culture and traditions, offers you a warm welcome.

The ODTS, as one of the organizations that gathers the Dominican tourism sector, wishes you a memorable and enjoyable stay and a full enjoyment of what Dominicans can offer you.

If visiting us for business, we hope to serve you and give you the opportunity to invest in one of the most secure, profitable tourist destinations for investment, and of best guarantee of continued development. This is shown by the growth and development experienced by the Dominican tourism industry in recent times, becoming, if not, in one of the most important and dynamic economic activities of our country, and thus, a successful destination in the region.

The ODTS, established since 1995, promotes sustainability and diversification of tourism in the Dominican Republic. Our national organization integrates communities, the private sector, and the government, working together to maximize tourism opportunities, to share information, and display the culture, natural resources, and attractions,
welcoming visitors into high-quality, fun and exciting experiences that are truly representative of Dominicana.

With our best wishes,