Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, DSTO

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ODTS Traveling Dominican Tourism Card
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The ODTS, along with the Dominican tourism sector, is planning and implementing a marketing program for the local offer, in which travelers can preferentially enjoy it and be rewarded for their loyalty to the Dominican destination.
The program, based on the emission of an identification card to the traveler, works when it is presented in establishments affiliated with our organization and program.

With the card, the user or visitor in Dominicana, will enjoy exclusive information and special offers, allowing him/her to take advantage of free, reduced and/or discounted rates, and prices, as well as preferential conditions, treatment, and services.

The offer applies to accommodation, restaurants, bars & entertainment, theaters, art galleries, museums, performances, sports, transportation, shopping, and more.

The card must be purchased online through this portal or travel websites offering destinations to the Dominican Republic.

If you wish to know about the launching of this innovative program of privileges for the traveler to Dominicana, and receive full, complete details about it, please subscribe to our Newsletter.