Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, DSTO

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ODTS Membership
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Why do you want to be a member of the ODTS ? How to request a membership Rights, Benefits, & Services
Membership & Subscription Plans Comparison Table              
Membership Fees by Tourism Activity              
Tourism Activities Description
Important Notes    

Why do you want to be a member of the ODTS ? To promote business, securing new customers or interested persons, connect with the local or international sector, and be updated, informed, and attended, everything for your company's progress in the context of a sustainable tourism industry.

Being a member of the Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, ODTS, and enjoy its benefits is a quick and easy procedure. Apply the individuals and corporations interested in participating and promoting the mission and goals of their organization, and belonging to the various actors who converge on the tourism sector, as well as tourists and travelers who want to learn and enjoy Dominicana.

There are several types of membership according to the type of linkage with the organization concerned, which are:

  • Regular: individuals with the right to vote in the assemblies and with the right to be elected as a member of the Board of Directors and of the committees or appointments which may create the Assemblies and the Board of Directors.
  • Institutional: moral person or institution entitled to vote in the assemblies. Its representative can only be elected as a member of the committees or appointments which may create the Assemblies and the Board of Directors.
  • Associated: natural or legal person entitled to speak and vote at meetings of deputies.  Apply those who subscribe and maintain an updated agreement with the Organization or any other related to this, to enjoy the benefits or services provided by them. Examples:
    • Employees in the sector, subscribed through this website, interested in participating in the job opportunities they offer, among other services.
    • Tourists and / or travelers interested in visiting Dominican, subscribed through this website, to take advantage of the services available for those members.
  • Affiliate: natural or legal person, entitled to speak and vote at meetings of affiliated members, which for his/her work, subscribe and maintain updated some cooperation agreement with this Organization or any other related to it, to develop joint activities aimed at its purpose and objectives. Example:
    • Associations, Non-Governmental Cooperation entities, and government institutions not registered as institutional, among others.

How to require membership

Enter the portal of the Dominican Organization for Sustainable Tourism, ODTS, at,  and proceed as follows:

  1. Select in the main page of the log section, Create Account.
  2. Complete the online form correctly and completely. Press Log
  3. After reading and understanding the ODTS Statutes, and each of the TYPES OF MEMBERSHIPS AND/OR SUBSCRIPTION PLAN, described in this document
  4. Go to the main menu at the top of the page and select Subscribe under Membership to select the subscription you are interested in and click the payment button.

As part of the industry, members will be classified according to sectors and subsectors to which each tourism activity belongs, which may be:

  • Organizations
  • Human Resources
  • Education, Information & Assistance              
  • Agents & Tour Operators
  • Accommodation
  • Cruises
  • Transportation
  • Places of Interest & Attractions
  • Restaurants & Food
  • Specialty Tourism
  • Tourism Investment
  • Media & Press
  • Information Technology
  • Stores
  • Other Tourism Services
  • General Suppliers
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Government
  • Office of International Advocacy

Rights, Benefits, & Services

  • Representation of the sector or sub-sector member of the organization before the government, national and international forums.
  • Participation in meetings and assemblies and to elect and be elected, under the statutes and internal rules.
  • Participate of the social & business network, Link ODTS.
  • Publication in the media of the organization and allied related entities, of writings, press releases, announcements, and more.
  • Assistance and preferential guidance, to consult about legal, environmental, commercial, industrial aspects, and tourism in general.
  • Access to information, publications, and material of interest for members of the sector and the institutional, also.
  • Participation in the statistical collection program, in which the various sub-sectors regularly supply standardized information of their activities as well as the recollection services of statistical data by   application of the subsectors concerned. Any statistical information, its analysis and dissemination, is restricted to participants, to the regular, institutional, affiliated, and, finally, to the general membership.
  • Access and publication of classified ads in the Business Opportunities section of this website, for the supply and demand of goods and services.
  • Access and preferred participation in training and education programs offered by the organization, its members, and allied organizations.
  • Access and publication of job advertisements in the Opportunities of Employment section of this website.
  • Promote and raise awareness about products and services, Dominican renowned companies, and brand.
  • Participate in the classification program of the Dominican tourist offer, from the same travelers or tourists who have enjoyed or used the services of tour companies.
  • Offer products and booking travel services online, as well as, in the case of passengers or tourists, make reservations of the participating tourist offer.
  • Participation in the program of tourism offers through the Dominican Tourist Card and the acquisition of it as a traveler or tourist.
  • Publication of e-cards for promotional purposes of the member companies and further submission by visitors from our site.
  • Participate in the publication of images and videos program about municipalities or attractive local tourist destinies.
  • Periodically publish promotions and special offers of Dominican tourism products and services to travelers and tourists through the section aimed for these purposes.
  • Advertise and promote products, services, and Dominican tourist businesses in the section with the same name.
  • Use of logos, different media, and other certifications by members, allowing them to identify with the organization, its projects and image and marketing programs.
  • Access and participation in chat rooms to discuss various topics, and open to members and visitors of the portal.
  • Access and publication of electronic links interest contents for the membership of the tourism industry.
  • Receipt by subscription of available periodical publications.
  • Publication of information and profile of entities in the Dominican Tourism Directory.
  • Access to online support service about the services offered by the organization.
  • Acquire at our store varied articles for using in the operations of the industry; tools for your travel and stay in Dominican, as well as promotional items and souvenirs.
  • Access and publish events in the agenda online.
  • Invitation and preferential participation in all events organized by the ODTS for our members and allies.
  • Discounts, prices, and preferential terms to purchase products, services, subscriptions, and others, offered by the organization, its members, and allied organizations.
  • Participation of the benefits and exchanges obtained through established partnerships.

Some of the services listed in this section are not available or will not be fully operating during the βeta or test phase of this portal or website.

Comparison Table

Types of Membership and Subscription Plans in the Website
(These plans are subjected to changes without notice)

Membership Fees by Tourism Activities ( Values expressed in US$ )

Tourism Activity Description


Important Notes