Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, DSTO

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ODTS About Services Publicity & Promotion Best Brands & Co. Service
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The ODTS, has created the Section Best Marks & Business for the advertising and promotion of products and services of high quality and high standards, which will allow you to excel when compared with others of its type and class in the Dominican market.

We intend that these products and services, identified by known brands and companies, will be recognized as tradition, pride, and even symbols of Dominicans, to ensure customer’s satisfaction.

Participate in the service the “Institutional” members.  Its use involves the payment of fees under the plans available, as shown in the table included below:

Fixed Plan
Exclusive Fixed Plan
Exposition Plan
Notes: 1. Sizes are width by height; 2. Other sizes can be considered upon request; 3. Prices shown in USA dollars (US$); 4. The prices listed here do not include taxes.

Primary: These space allow the placement of a single banner (banner) in size 770 x 385 pixels. Fixed Plan, Order Code: ODTSPW0101. Exclusive Fixed Plan, Order Code: ODTSPW0102. Exposition Plan, Order Code: ODTSPW0103

Secondary: These space allow the placement of a single banner (banner) in size 240 x 240 pixels. Fixed Plan, Order Code: ODTSPW0104. Exhibition Plan, Order Code: ODTSPW0105
Terms and Conditions

a) For fixed plans, the insertion cost per banner (banner) is expressed in monthly payments.

b) The plan exposure, insertion costs per banner (banner) have  ten thousand (10,000) exhibitions.

c) Contracts for periods of three months include a discount of five percent (5%), and for periods of six months, ten percent (10%).

d) The payment is in advance and must be made on line, using a credit card, upon receipt of the e-mail containing the payment application and instructions. For the renewal of the insertion /s, once exhausted the contracted expositions, the SUPPLIER will receive a notice in the e-mail address supplied, informing about it. If you decide to renew it, respond the communication indicating your decision.

e) Any service or product to be advertised or promoted must be framed under the law and the public established order, as well as the morale commonly accepted.

f) To request the placement of an advertising or promotion, the SUPPLIER must first become an institutional member of the ODTS. If you are still not, click Subscribe, located under the Membership in the main menu of the portal pages.

g) Use the form provided in the CONTACT page and send us your request and comments, or contact the e-mail address, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , where you can send an electronic file containing the banner/s  you want to publish.

h) The advertising or promotional material, in addition to the banner, should contain information about the company (history, vision, mission, objectives, outputs, etc.),   to justify their participation as one of the best brands and companies.

This additional information, to be published as an article, separated from the banner, will be linked electronically from it. If the provider requires a link to a portal site on the Internet or an external page, it may be placed on the page of the additional information.

i) If the banner/s and the complementary information is/are approved or accepted, the PROVIDER will receive response at an adequate time the response and/or invoice for the payment of the publication in question.

j) Concerning the plan by exposure, after inserting the banner/s of the PROVIDER, this will periodically receive, on the e-mail address provided, a report of the presentations done.

Note: The acceptance or approval of the application for the insertion of banner/s, is under the unique criteria and sole discretion of the OWNER/S and/or RESPONSIBLE/S of the portal.