Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, DSTO

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ODTS About Services Publicity & Promotion Local Destinations Service
Local Destinations Service PDF Print E-mail


This service consists of three interrelated features:

a) Presentation in a graphic way, through maps and other means of the full range of local destinations, attractions, sights, activities, and business tourism in the Dominican territory.

For members include in the maps local destinations and their companies, they need only to send the coordinates in UTM or Degrees or Minutes + Degrees or Degrees + Minutes + Seconds, its exact location or address, and a brief description in English.

b) Section preferred by the traveler: here are indicated your preferences in order from the highest to the lowest of those destinations and companies with greater acceptance by travelers or tourists, who qualify through this portal, and give opinions about them after visiting.

Members are automatically their tourism is included in the Dominican Tourism Directory. Viewing the case since these members have accumulated a certain number of votes and amount of which is among the first in greater quantity.

c) Reservations online: I is service in which individual firms or tourist activities can participate in the platform reservations from travelers or tourists. The establishment and management of individual accounts is one of the advantages the platform to the participating members, managing reservations system of accommodations, restaurants, car rental, tours, and more.

This program and the above three are available for "Institutional" members. The participation is subjected to the requirements of the program. Take advantage of the services described in sections (a) and (b). They do not involve any cost. In case of online booking, members must pay a fee of ten percent (10%) per booking.

To participate in the program, use the form provided in the CONTACT US page or contact us via the email address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and send your requests and comments.