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Wednesday, 19 March 2008 00:00


What is the status of the Co-operative ?

The idea or initiative began to be analyzed during 2005, being the following year when the decision is made to encourage the creation of a new co-operative to support the Council for Sustainable Development and Promotion of the Dominican Republic, CONDESPI (Consejo para el Desarrollo Sostenible y Promoción de la República Dominicana, CONDESPI, in Spanish) and his "Dominicana, a project of Country towards Sustainable Development."

Since its beginning, and because of the broad and general importance to be given to the co-operative and its services to carry out a consistent work to CONDESPI, which has promoted since then the development of our project for sustainable tourism and the creation of the ODTS, it focused to give to the tourism component due importance for the broad spectrum of activities and aspects related to it. This, of course, no less relevant to other components, such as agriculture (agro-tourism) and other services provided by a co-operative venture like the proposed.

Since then, it has worked to implement a strategy and the necessary logistics that would create the coordinating committee of business start-up; conduct a preliminary market investigation; review, update and regulate the co-operative entity and its subsequent normalization with the rise of regulatory institutions; establishment of strategic alliances with other institutions; the study of the possible new statutes and regulations, as well as the preparation of the assembly held on March 18, 2008 that set the  interin board of directors, which must be ratified at the next ordinary assembly.

The nominees for the Board of Directors were: Mr. Ricardo Barceló, President; Mr. Juan Bautista Francisco, Vice-President; Mrs. Rose Marie Martínez Tremols, Secretary; Mrs. Rosa Garcia, Treasurer; † Monsignor Julio César Corniel, 1st Vocal and delegate; and Mrs. Amantina Gómez, 2nd Vocal and delegate.

Nominees for the Tourism Administrative Commission were: Mrs. Maritza Olivier, (Rancho Olivier, Jarabacoa); Mr. Rafael Abreu Collado (Mi Cabana Resort, Constanza); Mrs. Ana Rodríguez (Mombayasa Tours); Mr. Juan Carlos Morales (former President of North Hotels, Restaurants and Tourism Enterprise Association); Mrs. Nazareth Tiburcio, (Rancho Jarabacoa, Jarabacoa); Mr. Delio José Guzman (Villa Pajón, Constanza); Mrs. Iris Perez (official Secretary of State for Tourism); and Mr. Bolivar Troncoso, (Professor and Tourism Expert).

At the moment, it is being coordinated the Ordinary General Assembly to be held before November 30, 2008, which will take office the new administration and proceed to the attainment of its objectives. This event will be announced in due time, inviting all interested parties to participate and know about the Co-operative.


For additional information, please visit or feel free to require it, as well as to co-operate by making suggestions that may help with the initiative. Your comments will be welcomed and always appreciated.

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