Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, DSTO

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ODTS About ODTS History
History of the Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, ODTS PDF Print E-mail


The idea arises in the Nineties, when by private initiative various projects were carried out under the concept and model of sustainable development taking advantage of the potentialities as for the natural resources and the various ecoenvironments of certain zones, their sociocultural as well as the economic aspects, to serve as demonstration of the principles and criteria of sustainability that should prevail in the development of our Country.

Initiating and to materialize those initiatives involved the knowledge and management of classics and frequent inconvenient and situations that retrazaron the same and that in other cases they have impeded the development of similar.  This motivated the organization of an entity that could involve and to group all the sectors of the society, communities, private sector, authorities and the non-governmental organizations to promote, to support and to obtain the sustainable development in all the environments. 

It is just then when the Counsel for the Sustainable Development and Promotion of the Dominican Republic, CONDESPI, is created, which coordinates and directs the initiative, calling it "Dominicana, A project of Country toward the Sustainable Development", like master plan to comply the designed objectives of favoring the solidarity and integration of extensive sectors and of citizens for an encouraging proposal of supporting the Sustainable Development, increase the Dominicanity, and the promotion of Dominicana. 

Due that several of the projects, since their start marked by the tourist component, and moved by the interest in utilizing this activity by its qualities to cover the most extensive spectrum of benefits, the need to develop an individual project, but completely integrated, for the development of a sustainable tourist industry in the country, prompted by the same sector all together. 

In that sense, the CONDESPI proposed a master plan, which as its first objective proposed the creation and conformation of the Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, ODTS, in which could be integrated and represented all the national tourist sector, the communities, the national, regional, local, and public authorities, as well as the not governmental institutions, compromised with the sustainability. 

From that time and added to all the efforts carried out and under way to date, which included the creation of the first municipal ecotourism districts, the dominican ecological corredors, the master plan, as well as the projects and programs correlated, was initiated a process of consolidation of the project, by means of the unification and integration of the actors before mentioned, that involved the signature of the first Statement for the Sustainability of the Development and the Promotion of the Dominican Republic. 

For August 29, 2007, by means of the constituent assembly celebrated in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, was founded the Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, ODTS, like a non governmental and non profitable institution, for cooperation, mutualism and public benefit. Also as inter-associative organization, protected under the Dominican Law number 122-05, about the Regulation and Promotion of the Non Profit Associations in the Dominican Republic, of April 08, 2005, with its head office in the city of Santiago of the Gentlemen, municipality and province of Santiago, Dominican Republic.