Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, DSTO

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ODTS About Plans, Programs & Projects
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The ODTS since its beginnings inception derives its success and maintains its growth, based on their actions set in the Master Plan for the Development of the Dominican Sustainable Tourism or PM-TDO that originated it.

This PM-TDO, ambitious, realistic and flexible, comprises a series of programs that have been developing continuously, which in turn shape the individual projects but integrated, and covering a whole range of activities directed toward a specific purpose.

This is the result of a participatory and democratic consensus of the sectors involved in the sustainable development of Dominican tourism, such as civil society or communities, business, banks and non-governmental cooperation, as well as government authorities and experts in the subject.

The projects and programs identified in the document PM-TDO are indicated in an enunciative, non restrictive way. The condition of flexibility required for their manufacture enables the planning, implementation and monitoring of the components of the plan, as well as the application of methodologies and strategies, reviews and/or replanning, are part of the virtues that condition empower, and demonstrate the effectiveness, to be met step by step with the objectives framed or governed by professional and technical requirements, as well as cost and duration.

The ODTS ensure that the PM-TDO, its programs and projects, as well as those who can join, from other similar initiatives, combine their efforts in different fields of action for education and research, technical assistance and professional, sources of information and financial, into the environmental, social and economic development, thus fulfilling the purpose and mission of the organization.

Our close and excellent interplay of the various actors involved in the tourism industry, allows us to be an important part in meeting the challenges of sustainable tourism development in the Dominican Republic, through the channeling of resources from different sources and addressing them swiftly and efficiently to the actor, activity or destination that need it.

We intend that each initiative receives the necessary support and coordination required to allow:

  • The promotion of free trade, competitiveness and openness and integration of new markets; with that growth, economic progress and development of private enterprise and/or community in a sustainable manner, when directed at the micro, small, medium, or large businesses.
  • Enhance of culture, social equity, poverty reduction; improvement quality of life and welfare; development and opportunities for all human beings, when focused to social sectors.
  • The democratic and participatory decision-making; reduction of the possibilities of corruption; transparency; modernization and efficiency of goods and services and the management of the government.
  • The promotion of training, education, research and development and innovation of science and technology.
  • The preservation, conservation and sustainable and responsible use of natural resources and environment to respond to climate change and other problems, as well as the promotion of renewable energy sources and/or alternatives.

In this order, ODTS through the implementation of the PM-TDO, provides the tools, resources and advice so that the various programs and projects in different fields of action, from the multiple stakeholders of internal and/or external origin, are put into action without a duplication of effort, either jointly or individually.

Participate and integrate into the programs and projects and propose new ones is easy and is only subjected to a link established between the ODTS and/or PM-TDO and the person/organization concerned. The possible modes of attachment are through membership, strategic alliances, partnerships, or collaboration agreements.

Established the working relationship, any program and/or project must complete four stages that make up the basic cycle of the integration of initiative/s:

  • Presentation. The delivery brings about: a) The abstract to determine the feasibility, and b) The profile of the initiative, environmental assessments, social and economic consequences if implemented, as well as additional and specific information, if necessary.
  • Approval. It includes the location and identification of: a) Beneficiaries, b) Those interested in providing support, c) Technical and professional sources, d) Funding of sources, e) Report of social and environmental management, f) Technical and management development plan g) Specifics details.
  • Enforcement. a) Elaboration of an agreement for integration and follow-up, b) Obtaining authorizations, permits, licenses, c) Inclusion in certification processes, d) Coherent development of the formulation plan, and e) Compliance of specific aspects.
  • Termination, Evaluation and Monitoring. It is the final report of the conclusion that allows the execution: a) Assessment and value the initiative up to this stage, b) To report on the operation, results, goods and services and performance, sustainability, probability of reaching targets c) To develop, introduce and implement the monitoring plan, control and evaluation.

If you or the organization to which you belong, would like to become active and lead actions to fulfill our mission and objectives, as well as to have the chance of implementing initiatives, programs and projects according to ODTS and the PM-TDO, we invite you to contact us using our contact form or e-mail address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Together, we will achieve more !