Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, DSTO

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ODTS About ODTS Vision, Mission & Objectives
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Tourism is an essential economic activity for the sustainable development of countries like ours, as the importance of its rapid growth and its dynamism for the generation of jobs and foreign currencies is an extremely important factor in the Balance of Payments in each country. The tourism industry also stimulates business opportunities, increasing tax revenues for governments, in addition to promoting local identities such as human qualities, natural resources and socio-cultural characteristics. In this way is more evenly distributed the economic growth, balanced with social development and in full harmony with natural resources and the environment, with the sole aim of increasingly achieving better life quality for the citizens.

Reviewed the Dominican laws number 541, Organics Tourism Law, of nineteen hundred and sixty-nine (1969), where in its first article, we is quote: "It is stated as public utiltiy and national interest the state promotion of tourism and activities related to it "; 158-01, Incentive of Tourism Law, of two thousand one (2001), where is quoted in its first article: "It is established the law for promoting the development of Tourism for sites of poor development and new sites in provinces and localities of great potential and it is created the Official Tourism Promotion Fund. "Paragraph I. - This law aims at speeding up a streamlined process of development of the tourism industry in the regions of great potential, or having excellent natural conditions for tourism throughout the country, which, having been declared or those not as tourist sites, have not reached to date the degree of expected development, and wich are listed below”; and other laws related to the theme of tourism, such as the 121 of nineteen hundred and sixty-six (1966); 542 of nineteen hundred and sixty-nine (1969), 184 of two thousand two (2002) and the 84 of nineteen hundred and seventy-nine (1979).

Considering the importance given to date by the Dominican State to the national tourist activity, with the aim of improving competitiveness and offer, as the inevitable readjustment of the original concept implemented since the beginning of it, directing it now towards a sustainable tourism, which in the near future will be an enabler of markets, to continue to be accepted as an attractive tourist destination.

It is imperative then, to unite the tourism sector and the different criteria, with the aim of developing a new concept, enduring and updated, based on sustainability, which will guide the plans, processes, strategies and objectives of its development, to acquire over time greatest importance and impact in terms of environmental, social and economic factors, at local, regional and national levels.


Based on the mission and objectives of the National Council for Sustainable Development and Promotion of the Dominican Republic, CONDESPI (Consejo Nacional para el Desarrollo Sostenible y Promoción de la República Dominicana, CONDESPI, in Spanish), as a guide, and giving continuity to the Project for the Dominican Sustainable Tourism Development, PM-TDO, raised, the Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, ODTS, (Organización Dominicana de Turismo Sosenible, ODTS, in Spanish) intends to present the same for the consideration off all sectors of the Dominican national life, especially the tourism sector and related fields.

The project aims to integrate and link the tourism sector committed to the sustainability of it, including the communities and local, regional and national public authorities; to act as a genuine source of information and expertise for research, study, consultation and support, as well as an entity to unify criteria and consultation. With this, it is set up the scaffolding needed to convert Dominicana into most attractive tourist destination and with diversity of offerings, based on a master plan and model for development of sustainable tourism.

General Objective

To convince the Dominican society about the reality of being a purely touristic country, and even more, recognize that the tourism model assumed so far, has become the most important national economic activity, although this tourism has suffered from certain distortions and disabilities to become sustainable and remain in balance with economic growth and social development in harmony with the environment.

Today it's necessary to change our model of tourism development, adapting it to he future expectations with the guidelines and requirements of the market brought by the new times, encouraging investment in this activity with a sustainable basis and a larger and more diversified offer to reach the forefront at local, regional and global levels.