Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, DSTO

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ODTS About Contributions & Philanthropy
Contributions & Philanthropy PDF Print E-mail

The ODTS provides an opportunity for those interested in contributing or donating so selflessly to the development of communities and the welfare of its people in Dominicana. Together, we want to bring hope for a better future for those with limited resources, reaching and improving their environmental, social and economic issues.

We achieved a real and positive impact on the life of peoples with real needs.

This program is aimed at providing a solution tailored to the donor to assist in removing barriers for the achievement and efficiency of the donation. We make the action of donating easy and reliable.

Your contribution and donation may be accomplished in several ways: in cash, in species, in professional and technical assistance, as well as in education. The same may be targeted at specific sectors of society.

How can you initiate the procedures for their donation?

It is very simple. Using the contact form or e-mail address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , send a message with the following information:

  • Details of the donor and representative, if it is organization, either for profit or not, their profiles, and include official records and documentation that we can verify.
  • Your interest in contributing or donating:
  1. For that wished to do so?
  2. In what sector/s is the company wants to help?
  3. Want to touch that topic, environmental, social and / or economically?
  4. As you would like your donation will be handled? On an individual basis? We can integrate it into one or more project / s donation of joint / s with other donors?
  5. That type of donation want to do?
  6. In regard their donation amount? If the gift or part of this is not in cash values indicate the recovery.
  7. As sought the donation? In one or more items?
  8. Carry out the action once or want to make donations on a regular basis?
  9. To schedule or required date / s specific to carry out their donation?
  10. Wants documentation and certification of their donation, for submission to tax agencies or officials?
  11. Want to make the donation anonymously, publicly or promotion?
  12. Add any additional information, which we consider to hear the matter.
  • After receiving your communication, our staff will contact you to further the procedure.


At the completion of your donation, you will receive the corresponding recognitions (only if your donation is not anonymous) and the documentations on behalf of the beneficiaries and/or of those involved in the completed donation process.

You may use this documentation to request, to your local tax agency or authorities, the benefits available for donors.

All logistic and coordination services are provided at no cost to donors by beneficiaries and/or by those involved in the management and receipt of  donations.


Our organization is working hand by hand with many institutions with the purpose of disinterestingly assisting this program, while ensuring that donations receive the appropriate destination. Among the institutions participating in this program are:

  • The Council for Sustainable Development and Promotion of the Dominican Republic, CONDESPI (Consejo para el Desarrollo Sostenible y Promoción de la República |Dominicana, CONDESPI, in Spanish).
  • The Social Pastoral of the Dominican Catholic Church.
  • Local City Halls and authorities.

You may also get involved and directly help, if that were your desire, in the various stages of the process of donations.

Thank you!

The ODTS and the other entities involved in this altruistic mission, owe its great success to the generosity and trust placed in us by people interested, as you, in searching the common good by helping others.