Dominican Sustainable Tourism Organization, DSTO

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E-Card Mailing Service PDF Print E-mail


E-Card Mailing Service. Through this, all visitors of our site can send an electronic postcard from there to whom they want.

This service aims to convert the site into a center for promotion of tourist destinations at Dominicana, by allowing the traveler be interested and encourage others to know the country by sending an e-card and then visit to the site.

To send an e-card, only follow the path of the menu: >> Traveling >> Send a E-Card

Publication of E-Cards. All members of the ODTS have the chance to locate in our server the necessary e-cards to promote their tourism activities, when appropriate, as well as local and regional destinations.

To publish a postcard, prepare and send it by following these conditions:

01. In the art should be included (example):

  • a. Art and/or image.
  • b. Copyright ownership of the art or image, if any.
  • c. Image description and location (name of town).
  • d. The logo for e-card supplied by the ODTS on the Logos page.
  • e. Logo and/or slogan of the municipality (optional, if the logo and/or slogan of the municipality in question is not included on the Municipal Brand Identity Program page.
  • f. Logo, slogan, name and location of the company, if any.

02. Dimension of Art: 448 x 336 pixels minimum, 784 x 560 pixels maximum

03. Quality: 72 dpi

04. Weight: 100 kb up

05. File format: *.bmp, *.gif, *.jpg, *.png, *.tif



After being received the same, it should be classified into the following categories, from which users can select the one you want to send:

01.  Beaches and Coast: Will contain the postcards on the beaches and coast of Dominicana.

02.  Nature: Expressions of aspects of our biodiversity and natural areas.

03.  Sports: Sports activities.

04.  Adventure: Those e-cards that reflect the adventure activities.

05.  Attractions: The attractions such as economic activities, culinary, cultural monuments, religious, and so on.

06.  Health and Welfare: Samples of the activities and welfare facilities such as spas, health and relaxation.

07.  Lodging: Images of the physical facilities guests accommodation.

08.  Restaurants, Bars and Clubs: Samples of physical facilities of restaurants, bars, cafes, bistros, clubs and smokers drink, and so on.

09.  Gift Shops/Souvenirs Stores: Images of physical facilities and/or merchandise from the stores devoted to selling travel gifts and souvenirs.

10.  Events: Graphic Arts (poster) about recurring events targeted at the tourism industry and travelers.



01. All e-cards should be sent to our mailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . ODTS reserves the rights for the publication of e-cards, based on the concepts of quality, ethics and moral requirements.

02. Members will have the opportunity to publish an e-card by category, when their activity is applied.

03. ODTS understands that all e-cards sent to us, not indicating right of property and/or copyright, is owned by the member who sent the e-card, and, also, understands that an e-card showing the copyright and/or ownership, has the authority for its publication. In case of any objection or notice on the rights of a postcard, it will be removed from our server until the situation is resolved.